Utilise Neuroscience Advances

Intuition Pro was born from the latest advances in NeuroScience. Intuition Pro is a training in mindfulness. You learn to feel your subconscious bodily reaction,  improve you intuitive and decision making skills.

Enhance Your Intuition

Today's fast paced environment has disconnected us from our intuitive minds . The Intuition Pro technology allows you to practice mindfulness so that you can make better life decisions.

Make Informed Decisions

Intuition Pro devices and mobile app provide you with measurements of your intuition strength. Allow you to Input the choice your are facing to get a clear insight of your decision's potential outcome.  

Access live readings of your subconscious body reactions levels to support your decision-making processes. A real-time measure of your subconscious body reaction levels will become an essential decision-making tool to support you in a rapid trading or highly competitive business environment. Training will improve your intuition scores (a measure of your ability to predict future events). Progress can be monitored from your phone, Mac or PC devices and can be shared on social media.


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